Big Sister Ava and Little Brother Miles

A Little Role Model


Bigs aren’t the only ones who can be role models. Little Brother Miles is a Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Youth Ambassador and is a role model for LGBTQ youth all over the country. Through having people in his life like his Big Sister Ava, Miles knows the importance of having someone you can look up to and who will be there for you. “Having a person who is a little bit older, who has gone through life, who can see you as a person, and how you identify yourself, having that person is not only validating, it’s comforting,” Miles says.

The Big Jackpot


After the youngest of his two daughters left for college, Eric decided to become a Big. He saw it as the perfect opportunity to get involved in a young man’s life. At the same time, Little Brother Mondre’s mother was looking into getting Mondre a Big Brother. Mondre’s father was not in the picture and she felt he needed a positive male role model in his life. Through Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northeast Iowa, Eric and Mondre were soon matched together and soon realized they got what exactly what they were looking for.

Big Sister Jesse and Little Sister Jasmine

From Missing School to Attending College


Nearly 10 years ago, Little Sister Jasmine was matched with Big Sister Jesse through Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kansas City. At the time, attending school was a low priority for Jasmine. If she missed the bus or just didn’t feel like going, she would stay at home. Jesse talked to Jasmine about how important school attendance is, and she even gave Jasmine a ride to school when she missed the bus. Over time, Jasmine began missing fewer and fewer classes, and she began to excel in school. Now, Little Sister Jasmine is a college student with a bright future.

Big Brother Tony and Little Brother Nasir

A Match That Lasted Much Longer Than Expected


At a breakfast for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Delaware, a mother stood up and told the crowd about her son and the impact that his Big Brother was having on her son’s life. Future Big Brother Tony sat in the crowd and was moved by her words. “It touched me, and at that moment, I knew I wanted to become a mentor,” he says. Tony decided that he would volunteer for one year, but after meeting Little Brother Nasir and seeing the impact he could have, the match lasted much longer than expected.

Big Sister Sheila and Little Sister Alexis

Overcoming Hurdles


Little Sister Alexis and Big Sister Sheila’s match began with a hurdle. When it was time to meet her Little Sister for the first time, Sheila couldn’t make it–she was trapped inside her house. “I had a 5 to 7 foot drift of snow in my driveway, and no way to get out, and no way to contact Alexis’ mother,” Sheila says. The two didn’t let the hurdle stop them, though. They were able to meet soon after that, and began going to the movies, learning to sew, and reading books to each other at the library. While the match would go on to face more hurdles, each brought them closer and made their match stronger.

Big Brother Jacob and Little Brother Arual

A Path Towards a Brighter Future


Little Brother Arual was at a crossroads. He had big dreams about playing sports and earning scholarships, but he was also tempted to give in to peer pressure from the wrong crowd. His mom was determined to find something to pull him onto the path towards a brighter future. “I was so worried that he might get more involved with these kids, that I had trouble staying calm about it,” she says. She enrolled him as a Little through Big Brothers Big Sisters of San Luis Opispo County, and he was matched with Big Brother Jacob. With Jacob’s help, Arual was able to get onto that path towards a brighter future.

Big Sister Paula and Little Sister Mackenzie

Sharing Moments Both Big and Small


Little Sister’s Mackenzie’s first meeting with Big Sister Paula fell on Mackenzie’s birthday, which was just the first example of how the match would witness each other’s big life moments. Paula was there for Mackenzie’s graduations from middle school and high school. Mackenzie was there for Paula’s wedding and was excited to meet Paula’s first baby. These big moments have made unforgettable memories for the match, but it may have been the little moments that had the most impact.

Big Sister Diane and Little Sister Jaelynn

Giving Haircuts Led to Giving Back


For years, Big Sister Diane worked as the owner/operator of a hair salon and heard from clients about their experiences of being a Big. Three years ago, she decided to become a Big Sister herself. She was soon matched with Little Sister Jaelynn. Over the years, the two have cooked endless truffles, learned to ice skate, and so much more. Now, Diane is helping Jaelynn save money for college by helping her at the same hair salon that first led Diane to become a Big.

Big Brother Steve and Little Brother Cesar

Consistency That Begins with a Door Knock


Consistency is key to any match being successful. “So many ‘Littles’ have dealt with so much disappointment in their lives and need someone that is truly dependable, keeps their word, and follows through on their promises,” Big Brother Steve says. Steve has been all of that and more to his Little Brother, Cesar. Nearly every Saturday morning for the last nine years, Big Brother Steve has been consistent with his Little Brother Cesar, beginning each of their outings with a knock on his door.